February, 2006


   Good morning. We traveled this past week back to Children's for Palmer's monthly check in. All was well - Dr. Stine said Palmers lab work looked normal. Her platelet production is back on her own and all counts where good. It is always a double edged blessing to be back at ACH we are thankful for the confirmation that Palmer is clear nd it is good to see the kids and families we met along the journey and share with them. The hard part is that some of these special kids are still in the fight, some are in the fight again. Our hearts ache for these families because we know how hard the battle is and how demanding the battle fatigue can become. Also their are new admissions with kids who are newly diagnosed and families just starting the journey. Pray for them.

Both Baker & Sutton went with us and had fun playing with Chase and Elijah whom where in clinic. Please pray for these guys www.PrayforChase.com and www.PrayforElijah.com. I also ask you to pray for Dakota Hawkins and family his battle has been long & hard and is inspiring for his great hope and trust in the Lord www.PrayforDakota.com. Thank you all the Richardson 6,



    Hello all. I know it has been so long since we have updated. Glad the adage is "no news is good news". Palmer is doing great back to dancing, looking forward to a regional dance trip to Houston in March. We had to cancel her last trip to ACH because she has had an upper respiratory infection and sinus infection. We did do lab work however and all is well. Praise God! We are back to our crazy schedule with school, dance, swimming, it's always crazy around our house! Can any of you relate?

We have so much to be thankful for and are enjoying our family life with a new perspective. We reflect on last year and are still so thankful and awed by the graciousness and generosity of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We could have never walked the journey alone and with without your petitions to our Awesome God and his Son Jesus Christ through the power of his Holy Spirit. We continue to experience God's Mercy in times of fear, frustration and struggle that sometimes come. You know this life is overrated, the next life is not!

Had a chance to share Palmer's story with about 60 dads and their daughters at a dinner recently. Told them to enjoy, encourage, protect and share with their daughters - every day is precious. We are so thankful for Palmer's Health we grieve with other families that are still in the battle. Please pray for two families who have experienced the loss of their child. www.PrayforTrey.com and www.PrayforLacey.com. Please pray our other friends in the fight www.PrayforChase.com and the other kids he has listed. Blessings and humble thanks. Richardson 6





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