March, 2005


Good evening. Sorry I have not written an update before now. Palmer is about to finish up for now at ACH. I hope Lori Ann will fill in some information when she and Palmer get home tomorrow. That's correct we hope Palmer will be coming home Thursday after her 16th chemo treatment this 2nd round. She will probably be in isolation for a period of time after getting home. Please call us or email rather than planning to visit at the house. We will update how she is doing once home.

I have been in Fort Smith since last Saturday night. I miss being side by side with Lori Ann and Palmer. And I really miss those fold down chairs that make a bed.(Lori Ann has slept on one for about 35 days now) Palmer is blessed that Lori Ann is her Mom. Hayden, Sutton and Baker seem to be surviving my care, the house doesn't look so hot though.;-) I have been back at work some and running the kids to activities, appointments, practices etc.. When is Lori Ann coming home? I told her today I will never take her for granted again, at least not for a long while. Thank you to all who email, send notes, bring food, donate, and bless us in so many ways. We are so thankful and overwhelmed. Thanks!



Note: "Pray for Palmer" bracelets are in. They are green and are like the "Live Strong" Lance Armstrong Bracelets. We are making them a fundraiser and a prayer reminder. We have been asking for a $2.00 donation. If you would like some to take to your school or church just email and we will send you as many as you would like. Then just send whatever proceeds you raise to the bank account on the "what can I do" tab on the website. Watch for a link with more information. Above all "Pray for Palmer" tell others they can learn of her journey at "PrayForPalmer.com". Thank you all. Some schools and youth groups have taken the bracelets on as a great opportunity to share Palmers journey and continue to pray!

Uncle Mark


Today is Easter. Thanks Jeff for coming by and bringing the Lord's supper to Lori Ann and Palmer. What a great blessing. Palmer and Lori Ann walked down to the lobby area of hospital. Kids and I went to church ,but was not the same without Palmer and Lori Ann. Many people asked about Palmer and encouraged us.

Easter - the resurection - the foundation of our faith. This is the place where those who do not know Jesus personally and profoundly stumble. The story is quaint and palatable up to this point. For if "he Lives" then he must be who he said he was "Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6. The resurection -- so bold a claim yet so simple a faith is requisite to understand it and accept it. I have said to some of you close to us "If our faith in Christ is not real now, while Palmer is in a fight for her life with leukemia when is it real". Paul said "And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith." I Cor. 15:14 and "If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men." vs. 19

If you read this log and don't know Jesus Christ I challenge you to struggle with Him and test him to see that he is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life" and offers you eternal life and forgiveness from your sin.  It's as simple as the bumper sticker "No Jesus, No Peace - Know Jesus, Know Peace" This is the basis for the hope we have and the trust we place in the Lord Jesus for our precious Palmers life. People say to us all the time we don't know how you guys do it your faith is an inspiration to us.  We feel blessed to serve Palmer as her parents. We feel the struggle and suffering is really Palmers. God gives us grace enough for each day. The true inspiration is the Grace, Mercy, and Goodness of our God and savior Jesus Christ. Praise Him! Pray that his love and mercy will be evident in a very powerful way to Palmer each day. Pray Hard! Thank you.



Palmer rested most of the day today. She is tired from the chemo and sleeps a lot some days. Her typical times to receive chemotherapy are at 10:00 am and 10:00 pm. These treatments are very strong please pray specifically for their effectiveness and Palmers protection while receiving them. They are very toxic and can have very damaging side effects.  Again I turn to Gods word in Mark 16 "when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all". Do you remember what happened when Paul was on Malta Acts 28 "But Paul shook the snake off into the fire and suffered no ill effects.The people expected him to swell up or suddenly fall dead, but after waiting a long time and seeing nothing unusual happen to him, they changed their minds". We are trusting God for this same level of miraculous care in Palmers life.

I have driven back to Fort Smith to be with Hayden, Baker & Sutton. Please pray for Lori Ann she is monitoring all of Palmers care with a mothers love and zeal and writing thank you notes at the same time. I married an amazing Proverbs 31 woman. Thank you Lori Ann!



Another beautiful Spring day in Little Rock. We asked again about another pass to escape the hospital and our request was granted. We (Palmer, Lori Ann and Scott) went and had lunch together. Palmer wanted Chinese, which we all enjoyed. We then went up to an area of Little Rock called the Heights, old houses remodeled and outdoor shops, gallerys, boutiques. The girls had fun. Palmer found a really cute Easter dress and some shoes. We also ran into our pharmacist Kori from ACH who we think is great. We just drove around then grabbed some dinner and headed back to the hospital. Palmer had another appointment with chemotherapy this evening. We ran into Palmer's oncology doctor when we came back into the hospital and I told her I did not think we needed anymore passes I could not afford many more ;-)

Deuteronomy 31:6 'Be Strong and Courageous, do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you: He will never leave you nor forsake you." Thanks for this scripture Brooke. Our God is Awesome!



It has been a beautiful Spring day in Little Rock. Palmer slept late this morning, which we love watching her do. Several things have changed since our last stay. She is here for chemo round 2 and not as a new diagnosis. We don't get a resident physician early in the morning and not quite as many visits from the tech's, nurses and other staff. We are also more experienced at the routines and how to get certain things done. Palmer had some of her usual "party time" staffers by and gave her tickets to "Stars On Ice" www.StarsOnIce.com  then worked it out with her doctor to let her out on a pass and be back to start her night time chemo treatment. It was really cool and we all three enjoyed it. Palmer was in some pain from her site where they took bone from her illiac crest. She is a very strong and focused young woman. We love her deeply. Thanks to all and goodnight.



Today we began by saying goodbye to our children in Fort Smith and heading back to ACH with every anticipation of being admitted and begining round 2 of chemotherapy. We had blood work drawn about 11:00 and waited until they could do Palmer's bone marrow aspirate and also a bone marrow biopsy from her pelvic bone. Her blood work looked great, but we had to wait to see what the marrow (the factory) showed. Lori Ann and I stayed in the room while they did both procedures at about 4:10. About 5:00 Dr. Kimo Stine came back in and beagn by talking to Palmer. " Palmer we see no leukemia cells in your marrow, you are in what we call remission, we are going to admit you and begin round 2 of chemo". We celebrated and gave thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ! Praise Him! Our God is truly an awesome God.

The rest of the story - AML is a very resilient and agressive form of leukemia and unfortunately we cannot stop the course of treatment now. Our doctor explained early on that AML likes to find "sanctuary sites" and hide to assert itself again. Not unlike a forest fire, you have to keep adding suppresion even when no leukemia is observed. Palmer has a total of 6 or 7 treatments to endure. We believe the timeline to completion of treatment is July. As I have said before " our hope is not in chemotherapy, but in the Lord our God". Praise God that we have a "sanctuary site" that is greater than the sites of our enemy. 1 Peter 2:24 (Message) "He used his servant body to carry our sins to the Cross so we could be rid of sin, free to live the right way. His wounds became your healing".

I love forward looking faith! I spoke to a brother in Christ this morning who said, "We will celebrate every battle and give thanks at every success, we declared Victory over a month ago in this War." Active, living, trusting faith! I love it and I am in agreement! Please do not diminsh in your intercession for Palmer. Continue to tell others her story that our Lord Jesus Christ would be praised and lifted up in Palmer's journey. We love you all and are awed by the generosity and favor shown to Palmer and all of us. To God be the glory our hope is in Him.




Palmer's new address at the hospital is:

Arkansas Children’s Hospital
800 Marshall Street
3 Gold (Palmer Richardson)
Little Rock, AR 72202

This is also under the Contact & Email link.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers.

Uncle Mark


Palmer has had a good time being home. Hayden, Palmer, Baker & Sutton set the dining room for Lori Ann and I and served us dinner by candlelight with Kenny G playing saxaphone in the background. It was wonderful and a small event we will never forget. Palmer was her old goofy self and was ringleading with her sister in planning the festivities. We sat and cherished our children, our family and how good God has been good to us day by day.

After dinner, none of the kids wanted to clean up. Can you imagine that? I am sure none of your kids ever respond this way, do they? Back at the hospital we had daily "party on" visits from Kori - the "wild and crazy pharmacist" on 3 Gold and Carrie our "swinging social worker." They told Palmer that if she ever wanted not to do something just use the "C card". Back to my story as Palmer reclined on the sofa not desiring to clean up she said, "I can't, I have cancer" and smiled big and laughed heartily. Thanks a lot Kori and Carrie for sharing this with Palmer ;-)

We are all reticent about heading back to ACH tomorrow. We love everyone there but we still wish we would wake up from the dream and find life returned to normal. We have really enjoyed just being home together. Sorry if we did not take your call we where just really being renewed in rest and catching up. We love you all and are so blessed to have so many people interceding for us and showing us so much love. Humble Thanks!


Palmer is glad to be home. We are still lying low. Lori Ann and I both had lots of catching up to do. I had lots of calls and paperwork to do. I have been blessed to have a very supportive leadership and organization at Zimmer Wilkins. My associate Eddy Rodriguez has stepped up big and done a great job in our territory- thanks Eddy. Thank you to my surgeon customers for your support personally and professionally at this time.  Heartfelt thanks to Jim Wilkins for his complete and total support.


Good to be at our home. Kids and I went to church this morning. Lori Ann and Palmer stayed home. We met up for an outdoor lunch at Panera Bread. Beautiful sunshine and mild temperatures. Saw friends who where bowled over to see Palmer -- we all smiled from the inside out. Spent the rest of the day resting and letting the answering machine do it's job. Palmer grew used to a sometimes quiet hospital room, nothing like our house. She is re-adjusting to the volume level and the activity of her younger brothers. God is so good and so everpresent! Blessings to you all.



Palmer and Lori Ann came home to Fort Smith last night. Hayden, Baker, Sutton and I stayed one more night in Little Rock. We took in a Arkansas Rimrockers game and Hayden spent the night with a friend. The house was quiet at home without us, which Palmer and Mom both relished. Palmer went out today, mostly in the car and outside. She sat in a friends front yard and shared lunch. She managed to burst a packet of ketchup on her face, hat and shirt. That's the Palmer we know and love! :-)

Palmer is tired and likes things to move a little slower than she normally would. She was totally pumped to see her dog Polo. The rest of us descended on Fort Smith about 7:15pm and picked up dinner. The volume and activity went up exponentially when we all hit the door. This will be the first night Palmer has slept in her room with Hayden. Our home feels different somehow. More like a house that is a safe palce for our home(family). "Home is where the heart is" as the expression says. Amazing how life can change forever in a moment. Once again my adminition to Love on your wife, your husband, your children and yes your in laws. Those relationships can become "gut level" priority very quickly. Work hard for your families - they are so valuable.

Strength & Honor - Scott


Palmer is being discharged from the hospital this PM. We were totally suprised. Will update with more detail later. She will have to return by next Wednesday. Pray that she will be healthy between now and then so we will not have to return sooner. She is so excited. We came into this room on Feb. 18th and are leaving it on March 18th. Awesome!! UN-believable!

Thank you all for your continued intercession. Our God is an Awesome God. I can't stop singing it!

Palmers labs suprised our doctor this morning. She anticipated her WBC or counts would begin to rebound by Monday or Tuesday. Palmer was up significantly since yesterday. Her WBC count had tripled as had all the healthy cells and showed 6% blasts. Praise God!

We are coming back to ACH for a bone marrow aspirate to check the marrow and her blast %. We think that she will be readmitted and begin chemo round 2 at that time. It will be for 8 days and then how ever long we have to stay to monitor her response. Thank you all for your gifts of support, prayer, meals, emails, letters, phone calls, and visits. We have never felt so loved and encouraged. Hebrews 3:13a - "But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today,"



Palmer and I are hanging out together. Lori Ann made a trip back to Fort Smith yesterday. She is relaxing by checking on the kids and their school work, washing clothes, Sam's trip, car serviced, cleaning the house, taking care of some design work, making phone calls, picking up stuff on my list, etc.. She really did need the break and time to rest. HaHaHa!

Palmer was not real hungry. I think I got some Cocoa Puffs down her and a bowl of Lucky Charms but that was it. We are watching for a secondary intestinal tract infection or virus. Always watching for a fever. We pulled her off antibiotics yesterday because we thought that might be causing her upset stomach. Her labs today showed her WBC (White Blood Cell count) recovering on its own post chemo. Her blasts were only 8%. Praise God.



Palmer is feeling better since getting blood yesterday. I overheard her talking with some of her friends on her cell phone telling them all about her journey. It was such a blessing to me to hear her tell her story. I have told it to so many people and so many times I fell like an automation. Sorry if I am monotone in doing so. This journey has a lot of color. Especially the outpouring of love and support for Palmer and our family and God's favor and goodness each day. So many acts of kindness and generosity -- each one so very special. I have learned very quickly to say thank you and allow others to be blessed by serving us. Thank You all.

One of the staff on this floor said, "You are serving others when you let them serve you. The blessings leave them from and one hand and come right back to them in the other hand and keeping passing right on thru." I am surrounded by theologians at every turn and am learning so much about the amazing and diverse body of Christ. I appreciate so fully now I Corinthians 12:25-26, "so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it."



Palmer began her day very weak as she got out of the shower and collapsed into Lori Ann's arms. Her hemoglobin was 8.0. That is a benchmark for considering a blood transfusion and when she showed symptoms the doctors decided it was time. She said her "legs felt like noodles". After the blood transfusion, she perked up and felt a little better. I will never again overlook those red vans with the Red Cross logo bringing blood product into the hospital. Thank you to all who donate, the need for blood product has become quite personal.

Again, I must thank everyone at ACH. We have great doctors, nurses, techs, and staff. The days are always busy. Much coming and going. Don't ever check into the hospital to get some rest. We covet your specific prayers that Palmer will walk through this with no fever and no infection. That her white blood cells will recover without blasts. And that her platelets and hemoglobin will stay strong in count. Above all we continue to give God the glory -- what great things he is doing.

"Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need." Hebrews 4:16



FROM UNCLE MARK:  Scott and Lori Ann are incurring many additional expenses while maintaining two residences.  Many of you have asked, "How can I help?"  Based on Shelli's time spent in Arkansas last week, we have compiled the following list.  Any help with these expenses would be greatly appreciated:

Mobil Gas Card ($5 - $100) Purchase online at http://www.svmcards.net/exxonmobil/order0.cfm?page=start.cfm

Alltel Cell Phone (any amount) Make a payment by calling 800-672-2051 and provide the cell number 479-651-0133

Target ($5 - $5,000) Purchase online at http://target.com/target_group/giftcards/index.jhtml

Wal Mart ($10 - $200) Purchase online at http://walmart.com/giftcards?path=0%3A101852%3A101871

Jason's Deli (any amount) Purchase on the phone at 800-444-3354 and ask for Tammy or Ashley

Macaroni Grill ($10 - $50) Purchase online at https://giftcard.brinker.com/macaronigrill/giftcert.asp

Tia's ($10 - $25) Purchase at any restaurant location.

Chili's ($10 -$50) Purchase online at https://giftcard.brinker.com/chilis/giftcert.asp

Starbucks (any amount) Purchase online at https://www.starbucks.com/card/gift_subscriptions.asp

If you donate a gift card/certificate, please have it mailed directly to the Richardsons:

Arkansas Children’s Hospital
800 Marshall Street
Room #3143
Little Rock, AR 72202

Donate directly to Scott and Lori Ann through PAYPAL at scott@palmerrichardson.com

If you have any specific questions, please contact Mark Meador at xmedmark@yahoo.com


Today Palmer and I spent the day in her room, she rested quite a long time, her counts are very low and I was told to be careful with the amount of visitors she has in the room for the next few days until her counts come back up. Palmer and I did some school work today and she wanted grilled salmon from Red Lobster for lunch, this was a big surprise, she has not been eating much for weeks. I was so glad to find something she was willing to eat. Each day I am overwhelmed with the love we are shown and the grace and mercy the Lord continues to cover me with, He knows my every need as I walk this path I have never walked before. 

Lori Ann


If you're reading this tonight (Sunday), please pray specifically that Palmer will not run a fever. She was showing a little warm and if she spikes a fever, a myriad of processes go into play -- including blood cultures and a look at another round of antibiotics. Please pray -- it's 9:45 pm now.


*Thank you for all your prayers to night. Palmer is doing well. At 12:00pm we took her temp. and she was normal, I was so glad.  I prayed with Palmer and we went to sleep for alittle while until the next vital check.  I rested knowing that God was in control and would take care of Palmer. Thank you for caring for our family and all the help with Hayden, Baker and Sutton.     

Lori Ann

Palmer did not run a fever. Praise God and thanks for your intercession. She had a good day. Was tired and got another break from the hospital. She spent most of it sitting in front of the fireplace at the Gilliams.



Palmer is doing well today. She seems to be hungriest in the morning. Don't stand too close when she is eating breakfast.;-) We have had many visitors today. Our oldest daughter Hayden is swiimming in the state short course swim meet here in Little Rock this weekend. She finished 8th overall in the 100 backstroke. Way to go, Hayden!

Palmers blasts bounced up a little which they say is typical. Thanks Mom, Dane, Cindy, and Savannah for coming in from Huntsville. Once again, Palmer's room is the party place. We love it! We thank God for his Favor and Grace. It is sufficient for this day. Mighty is He!



We began this day early when her staff doctor came in the room about 6:30 and gave us Palmers lab results. Praise God her blast counts where down to 14%. What an awesome God we serve. We were so thankful to see her blasts trending down so significantly. About 10:00 her oncologist, Dr. Kimo Stine, made rounds with his team and said we where "headed in the right direction". Carol, his nurse said, "Couldn't they get out of here and go for a ride or something?" And he said yes, they could do that. Thank you, Carol. We got Palmer unattached from everything and escaped for 4 hours.

We went to Tia's Mexican restaurant and found a zone of about 25 feet all to ourselves. We called it the "neutrepenic section" of the restaurant. We then drove up to an area called the Heights and walked the sidewalks window shopping. We also ducked into a shop where Barry Thomas displays his paintings. Barry is a very well known artist and brought Palmer paints and gave her a private art lesson, which impressed all the doctors, many of whom own his work. Palmer had a new appreciation for her art lesson with Barry after seeing his work. We then headed over to the Gilliams' home which has become our home away from home and met our other kids who had just pulled in from Fort Smith. Thanks, Aunt Shelli! They where suprised to see Palmer. Then back to the hospital we went.

We had a wonderful day of blessing. Palmer had not been outside in almost 3 weeks. Great attitude enhancer. Being in the hospital all the time is like the Tom Hanks movie "The Terminal." Thanks again to so many for loving on us. It has been so wonderful and encouraging. The body of Christ is Awesome.



Today Palmers lab results showed her blasts holding at 40%. She had to have a platelet transfusion and had a moderate reaction to them which somewhat suprised both us and her doctors. She had platelets once before and had no adverse response.

She became short of breath and felt like her airway was constricted. They hit her with a big dose of benadryl and watched her heart rate and O2 levels. She feel asleep and was Ok. It was not fun as a parent to watch the anxiety in her face while we where watching her and while her doctor stood by with epinephrene if she had needed it. Again we are so blessed to be Palmers parents and we entrust her life to the Lord. We are stewards of her life only for a short time. Thanks Brooke for hanging out with her she really likes that. Thanks to for all the offers of hair. You are very generous and someone will be blessed by your sacrificial service. Lord bless and goodnight.



Today has been a good one. We had family and friends in all day. The days are always busy and upbeat people coming and going. People from within the hospital have heard about Palmer and they come to see her. God has so many ambassadors in this place. So many who are so generous, so encouraging, so inspiring. I wish all of you could meet the nursing, tech and staff teams here at Arkansas Childrens Hospital. They are exceptional. Most of them serve because they felt called to be here. Thank you each and all.

Palmers blast count was 40%. Praise God it has been as high as 89% and continues to drop. Someone asked me about Blasts- low is good!

In speaking about leukemia, "blast" is the short name used for lymphoblasts, the immature white blood cells. There are normal blasts and leukemic blasts. Normally, blasts compose less than 5 percent of the cells made by the bone marrow and grow to form mature white blood cells. When a large number of blasts (leukemic cells) appear in the bone marrow, several things happen. As the leukemic blast cells accumulate in the bone marrow, they begin to crowd out the normal blood cells that develop there. Eventually, they take up so much room that red blood cells, platelets, and normal white blood cells cannot be produced. For more information see this link http://healthlink.mcw.edu/article/926230433.html

Also, yesterday Palmer had a celebrity visitor stop by. Razorback quarterback Matt Jones came by and hung out before he signed autographs at the Rimrocker game. He wanted Palmers autograph on his hat. Thanks Matt we will be watching your successes in the NFL.



Today is Lori Ann's 40th birthday. Wow! She always wanted a memorable 40th. We just never imagined it would be under these circumstances.

Lori Ann is an incredible woman. Her talents and abilities are legendary. She has always believed in and held to a high standard of accomplishment and service. Everyone who knows her respects her. She is generous and loves to honor others. She is a faithful and trustworthy friend. She is a fantastic mother and wonderful wife. All of our lives are made richer by Lori Ann. If you do not know her perhaps someday you will. You see I have married the Proverbs 31 woman and am greatly blessed.Thank you Lori Ann. I love you and Happy Birthday. May the Lord grant us all many more together!

Rejoice and again I say Rejoice. Palmers Blast counts are falling every day. She is in good spirits and having a good day. Her hair continues to shed as do the tears. I offer words of encouragement and Lori Ann loves on her and just perfectly meets her at her need. I love watching the two of them. Palmer will be a great Mom someday because she has had such a great model.

Thank you David & Vanessa , Jeff & Jana , Greg & Van, Kelly, Roy & Ann, Prentice & Barbara for celebrating Lori Ann's birthday with us and serving us yet more. Thank you Aunt Ellen for flying in and hanging out with Palmer. Thank you to all of you who wished Lori Ann a happy 40th. Thank you to all who continue to serve us in Fort Smith, who continue to email encouragement and who offer "what can we do".

Thank you! We continue to trust the God of the Universe- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit every day.



We were praising God this morning when Palmer's lab reports came in. Her blast counts have dropped from 83% yesterday to 54% today. I was working a couple of hours away and was just blessed when Lori Ann called me with a smile in her voice. "G2-I didn't need anyone to give more color on that one" I understood and was overwhelmed with grace. Thank you God.

Palmer's hair is starting to come out in big handfuls. Please pray for her specifically in this. It becomes real to everyone as this side effect impacts her. She is outwardly joking about this, but in her own quiet moment of reflection it makes the inward struggle outwardly apparent.

I am amazed at the contrast of Palmers struggle in her physical body and the incredible health, vitality and vigor of the body of Christ on her behalf. UN-believeable!

Thank you all.

"My comfort in my suffering is this:Your promise perserves my life." Psalms 119:50



Palmer broke her fever in the night. She is much more perky today, which greatly blesses me. She has shown gram negative rods and they are isolating which bacteria it is so they can most effectively treat the infection. She is at or near where she has no ability to fight bacteria on her own.

Her care continues to be in the Lords hands. Thank you all. God is good all the time.  A friend sent a note and quoted about suffering, David Jeremiah writes in his book Searching For Heaven on Earth..."Knowing there must be pain and suffering for us all, I clearly wish everyone could travel the road I did. I would not have chosen cancer as a path to spiritual growth, nor would I wish such fear and pain on anyone...but... I wish every human soul could see the face of God in the fear and turmoil."

We see the face of God everday. Great is his faithfulness! Morning by morning new Mercy we see! Praise Him!



FAMILY & FRIENDS -- There's a message board under the Contact & Email link that Palmer looks at every day.  If you have something you'd like to share with her and other Web Site visitors, take a minute and jot one down.  I'm sure Hayden, Baker, and Sutton would also love to hear from you.  Their address is under How Can I Help?  If you haven't already, be sure to look at the fourth picture of Palmer and her mom under Palmer's Pad.  There is no question that God is watching over Palmer!

Uncle Mark


Palmer spiked a fever in the middle of the night and was up for about two hours.  They immediately drew blood and watched her closely until her fever broke a few hours later.  She had a low-grade fever all day and was started on two antibiotics.  She's obviously fighting some type of infection.  We've been told that 5-10 days after the chemo is when she's most susceptible to infection and fever.   Her blast counts are very high (80+%) and have been that way the past few days.  Palmer has been lethargic and tired all day and it's been the most difficult day for her emotionally.  I stood over her bed and we cried as she shared that she just wanted to go home and be normal.  I told her I wished I could take her home, but right now we have to stay the course. 

At the same moment of our conversation, Lori was just outside the door chatting with a lady named Mary who was speaking encouragement to Lori.  She is 44 years old and a survivor of cancer.  She was diagnosed in 1977 when she was 16.  It was almost the identical experience that we're having with Palmer.  Mary shared her testimony with Palmer and told her how special she was and how God was going to see her through.  What a blessing for us! 

Our days continue to be a study in contrasts.  The high blast counts and fever, and on the other hand, we see the grace of God in so many ways and in so many people.



A NOTE FROM SCOTT:  People call every day and want to know what they can do.  Right now, we don't know what they can do. We explain that this is an endurance race and not a foot race and we thank them for their support.  I jokingly tell them that verbal contracts in Arkansas are binding and I've recorded their commitment to do something and will call at the appropriate time.  Of course, they always laugh. 

You know what, there is something you can do.  I want to encourage everyone to love on your family.  Love on your husband, wife, and kids, because none of us know how fast our lives will change from what we consider the day-to-day routine.  If you're struggling in your marriage, work hard.  Work hard to commit to each other.  Work hard to resolve issues.  Work hard for your kids.  Because if you're about to walk away from your relationships, the kids will be "sick" as a consequence.  It's not an insignificant sickness, it's a powerful sickness.  It's a sickness that you can do something about.  I exhort you to fight for your family, fight for those relationships, fight for the well being of your family NOW, because that is something that can be fixed.  This, I can't fix.  But I do know this.  Palmer is in the hands of the ultimate Healer and we're completely trusting in Him. 

THANK YOU:  We've had so many people helping us and lifting us up to God.  Thank you to my family -- Mimi and Poppy (Prentice & Barbara) and Aunt Linda for keeping our kids, my mom for coming and spending a day encouraging us.  I want to thank Uncle Doug and Uncle Mark for coming up on short notice.  Thank you, Aunt Ellen, for being here just to sit and visit with Palmer; Uncle Paul and his family for making a long trip to be with us; Aunt Kimberly and Cousin Hampton for being here this weekend; Aunt Shelli, who's driving from Houston tomorrow to take care of our kids this week.  All of the friends that have brought us food, have called, and have asked how they can help -- we are very grateful.  For all of you who take our family before God's throne, we thank you and love you.



Thank you for all the emails, calls, visits and most importantly Prayer.

Palmer finished her first round of chemo at 9:45 am yesterday. We actually applauded after her last treatment. Please pray tonight and in the next days that Palmer will not run a fever and that her blast count will plummet and that all the leukemic cells will be totally gone and that all her caregivers and all those watching will be totally amazed and that the Lord Jesus will be glorified. We have had some very powerful prayers answered. Praise our God and Father and his Son Jesus the Christ. Please continue to Pray everyone.

I told someone recently that this whole journey was one of shock and awe. First we where totally shocked then we began to be awed at the grace, peace, mercy and goodness of God. It is observable to us in waves each day. Lori Ann and I where sharing with each other yesterday early morning and were feeling overwhelmed and discouraged within 20 minutes someone came into Palmer's room to do something whom we had not met and they began singing over Palmer "Palmer,Palmer you are so special" "Palmer, Palmer Jesus Loves you" and we just where washed with tears of Joy as the holy spirit so powerfully ministered to us by another ambassador of Christ. As a friend of mine used to say it was  "UN-believeable.

Blessed be the name of the Lord and goodnight.



On this day, Palmer's 9th day of chemo -- Tuesday -- we are looking forward to the end of this first round.  So many calls, so many emails, again, we thank you.  God is so good.  We are meeting parents here on the floor where we are -- the cancer floor at ACH.  God has so many emissaries in this place and it's so amazing to see to how many miracles happen in this house.  We've been here almost two weeks -- it will be two weeks on Thursday.

We're trusting God with Palmer's life.  We tell everyone that -- it's our belief.  We're tired at the end of each day.  So many decisions, phone calls, conversations with staff and doctors.

We have been here long enough that we can tell from other parents' faces how long they've been here.  When we all first arrive here, we have that same dazed look.  And there are so many parents who are newcomers who have that look.  So many ways to serve here and so many people who need to be served.






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