April, 2005


Palmer has felt OK today, she is still sleeping lots. The chemo must be doing its job as it seems to wipe her out a little more each day. Our doctor on service today is Dr. Saylors, he made rounds this morning and we visited for the first time, Palmer really liked him, we are glad he will be around the next few days. Two other paitients came to say good bye and to get a picture with Palmer, each had finished their treatment and were going home,Yeah! One little 2yr. girl said to Palmer as she was leaving " I Love You Palmer"! She is so sweet and we will miss her daily visits. Don't let a day go by with out telling those you love that you love them, life is so precious, especially on this floor. Late in the afternoon Palmer didn't feel good/sick at her stomach, we gave her a different med. and she slept the rest of the day. After she woke up she felt better. Palmer spends some of her time on the computer, watching movies(until she falls asleep), and reading. But I love the "Palmer & Mom" times snuggled on her bed just talking, laughing, praying, and being quiet holding my sweet daughter as she fights this fight. Today I am praying Hebrews 10:23 for Palmer,"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful." Thank you for your interest and prayers for our girl, we trust in the One who is faithful!!

Lori Ann


Palmer is doing well, she spent the day resting and sleeping. One of the meds. seems to make her real sleepy after she has had her Chemo. With all the rain she decided not to get a pass to go out but to stay in and rest. Her back is real sore from the bone marrow procedures from Wed.,she wants me to rub her back lots, I'm glad I can do something to comfort her. She started her 1st Sage Stitchworks, the motto "Jesus Loves Me",this is a victorian styled needle work/embroidery, the great thing about it is that it is a distraction for her and she can work on it as she wants, Thanks Jennifer! Palmers nights have been uneventful with just the regular interuptions during the night, so she has rested well. We had great visits from the "Party Crew" (you know who you are!!) laughing lots and teasing, we will miss our favorite Pharm. Kori she is moving soon to Cal., what a great blessing she has been to us and Palmer with her wit,knowledge and personal interest in our family. Thanks Kori!! Palmers evening started with a visit from one of the other patients on the Hem/OC floor, a 2 year old wanting to come for a visit with Palmer. They set on the bed together and Palmer "colored" with her and talked to this sweet little girl. We have met the most incredible families up here and the struggle that exist all around us seems to bring us together, we are blessed.  Thank you for all your continued prayers for Palmer, she needs them each day to get though this 3rd round of Chemo. We are praying for no infection to show up as her counts go down again and that she will not run a high fever in the next few days and weeks. He is our strengh and hope and gives us the power to get through each day.Today I am praying Jeremiah 30:17 for  Palmer, "For I will restore health to you and heal you of  your wounds." Thank you to all who keep praying and serving our family here in Little Rock and in Ft. Smith. Our God is so Good!!


Lori Ann


12:25 pm Palmer had good nights rest as did Lori Ann and I. We sleep close together in her room, kind of like camping. She is about to finish her chemo for this morning. Then we are planning to escape for a little while get a bite of lunch and get some things at Target. One of the ways your life changes so much on this floor is that you meet so many other very special kids and young people. So many giant challenges and so much great determination and optimism. There is a need for prayers and intercession right now for a young man named Zach at www.caringbridge.org/ar/zachramsey.  (I think I have this right) Zach has a disease that is so rare he came here to ACH because they had more experience than most other hospitals at treating his disease. Zach had surgery on or around the 13th of April. Things went great the first 2 days. Then one complication after another. He had big surgery(read his journal history). He needs prayers NOW as do his parents and family. He is literally in a fight for his life please petition the throne of our God on his behalf. Much internal inflamation, need for function, need for pain management, need for peace and immediate healing. Thank you.



We are back on the Campus of ACH. We hurried out the door this morning and arrived at 10:30 only to hurry up and wait. Has anyone ever experienced waiting before in healthcare? ;-) Whats up with that, I mean Walmart Auto Center is faster. It is 3:25 now and we are waiting to have Palmers' bone marrow aspirate and biopsy. She was not supposed to eat and drink after midnight so I have done the same in solidarity. Next time that's out - I am having breakfast. We are in Palmers procedure room goofing off and laughing. We are planning to bust this joint and get something to eat when we get this done. She will probably start her first chemo around 10:00 tonight. Thank you for praying. Our God is so faithful! Talk to you later.

4:45pm  Palmer is finished with her procedures and we are having some laughs at Palmer's expense as she begins to come around from her sedation. We now know how you really feel about your sister Hayden you cried because Hayden was not here. You really did! We are thankful to the team here at ACH for taking good care of Palmer once again. Thank you and we are glad to be back in your care if we have to be back. We are hoping to get some breakfast in a little bit. See you little later.



Another morning of sleeping late. Around here that's 8:00am. We did some chores this morning and we all headed for Northwest Arkansas. We drove up the old hwy. 71 off I-540. If you have never seen the Boston mountains up in these parts they are beautiful. We ate lunch at the Smokehouse at Artist Point overlooking Lake Shepherd Springs and White Rock Mountain in the distance. See for yourself how beautiful it is http://www.arkansastravel.com/archives/article.asp?id=234. We had fun in Fayetteville looking around at Lewis & Clark our favorite outdoor store then we headed up to Bentonville for more sophisticated shopping at Old Navy and Gap. We took in dinner at Abuelo's and then closed down Target. It was a fun and relaxing day for all of us. Palmer was reluctant at first to go because she likes being at home, the rest of us where ready to stretch our legs a bit. We have a date at hotel ACH this coming Wednesday. Thanks all. Blessings to you.

Several years ago we designed our own family coat of arms along with it our chosen family motto was from Joshua 1:9 and in latin it is " Confortare Et Esto Robustus" which means "Be Strong and Courageous". That is our prayer anchored in the Lord. Joshua 1:9 " Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." Amen and Amen!!


Palmer slept late this am. She is feeling a little sore after dancing last night. She and I ran around together doing errands and goofing off. It was fun. We also went to my office and sorted out some PrayforPalmer bracelets to mail out to people. The bracelets have been a blast, we hear from people all over wanting them for their school, youth group bible class etc. They are a great tool to remind people to pray for Palmer and to share her story and her great faith and hope in the Lord. Stay tuned because you will see them in a couple of new colors once the orginal green are all gone. Thank you all for loving on us so much. It is overwhelming to be served so generously by the body of Christ.

Palmer is doing well. Her ANC just crested over 1000. She will begin her 3rd round of chemo next Wednesday the 27th. We have enjoyed being home for the longest consecutive time since Valentines day. Palmer went to dance last night and worked out on the bar for 45 minutes.Her dance instructor was proud of her as are we. The kids and I went to a swim team banquet and Lori Ann and Palmer dropped by after dance. Palmer joined a friend and walked up to the front to watch the slide show powerpoint with funny pictures from the swim team. As it concluded a slide said " Please pause and pray for Palmer now" and showed pictures of Palmer and our family. Standing behind Palmer was the swim coach(Ian Bullock) who stepped up behind her and whispered in her ear. She turned around and hugged his neck and just cried. This part of the slideshow was a surprise to her and to us. What was amazing to me was that she had not planned to be at the banquet but she told Lori Ann she wanted to drop in. Then she walked down to the front with her friend Hannah to watch. Then her coach being right there at the exact moment the slide honoring her presented. It was a very touching moment and she was so blessed by Ian doing that for her. It was once again so obvious the loving hand of God on Palmer and our life. A sister in the Lord recently told me when thinks of Palmer she thinks of God having her in the palm of his hand. Therefore her name God Palming her - Palmer. I love that and we all dearly love her. Thank you Lord for her life it belongs to you now as it always has. Thank you that we are blessed with being the stewards of this precious young life, equipping and shepherding her to you. Amen! Thank each one for your generosity, encouragement and intercession. Our lives have been so changed by all of you.

Palmer is not at ACH today. We got her labs back and she is still immuno-suppresed. Her ANC had to be at least 1000 to begin her 3rd treatment. She is not there yet so we are planning to begin next Wednesday the 28th. We are thankful for another week together but we are also anxious to continue on with her treatment. Palmer was prepared to go again today she said " I want to get this done and get back to normal". Amen! I will tell you all more after we get some rest. Thank you for your prayers. Be watching for more pictures in the next couple of days. If you want to know about this ANC we are talking about check this link http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/health/info/cancer/home/anc.htm. Thank you! Goodnight.


Ever heard the saying no news is good news. That is the case right now. Palmer is doing good and has remained healthy since her last stay at hotel ACH. We celebrated Sutton's birthday Saturday while we where all together. He will be 6 on April 24th. He thinks we changed his birthday since we already had his party ;-) We had a T-Rex bounce around in the back yard and Hot Wheels birthday cake and accessories. It was a beautiful day for a party. We had some other projects over the weekend, and the kids and I went to church. Everyone asks about Palmer and I see green bracelets everywhere. If Palmer's white blood cell count are high enough and if her bone marrow aspirate is clear she will start round 3 on Wednesday. Still hard to believe sometimes that this is all real. We feel like we "are in the twilight zone" much of the time. We cherish small things a lot. Something the kids will say, someone practicing on the piano, bike rides in the driveway, bible stories at bedtime, sitting close on the sofa, knock-knock jokes, stepping on a hot wheel car in the middle of the night. I love it all! Thanks all! Pray On!

Ephesians 3:20-21 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.




Have I told you we have enjoyed being at home. Palmer enjoys getting outside and visiting with other kids in the neighborhood. She and her Mom worked hard yesterday to get her closet organized. This morning we went to the doctors office to get a CBC (blood work) and could not get a sample from Palmers central line. We had to go a local hospital emergency room and get a anticoagulant in her lines so we could get her lab results. We spent about 5 hours total in the process. Palmer cried because she has been planning lunch with a friend since Monday. We rescheduled for later in the afternoon. They did get together and Palmer also went to an outdoor event of the swim team. Everyone was glad to see her. Please continue to pray. We are scheduled to return to Little Rock on Wednesday. It dosen't seem like we have been home long enough and Palmer has taken longer to get better after her 2rd round of chemo. We are learning as we go and take every day in faith. We are tired but trusting. God is good - all the time! Thank you all!



Quick update. Will add details later. Palmer is Home! Thank you Father! She is like a whole new person when she hit the door. More to follow.

Lori ann and Palmer hit the house about 3:30pm. Palmer is receiving IV antibiotics while she is home. We had a home health nurse come in and show Lori Ann how to administer Palmers meds. Lori Ann is a great care giver. She gets to encourage Palmer and give her lots of Love and Kisses while she gets her meds. I was certain Palmer was overjoyed to be home when she came over after dinner and asked if she could load the dishwasher. She is definetly glad to be home! ;-)  Please pray that she will quickly rebound out of neutropenia (no white blood cells and no immune system) and will have a great next 8 days before when begin round 3 of chemo. We continue to be blessed by so many prayers and contacts and encouragement. Please tell others about Palmers journey at PrayforPalmer.com. Please email me if you would like to share her Pray For Palmer bracelets. They are a big hit with the kids of all ages. Thank you all.



Lori Ann satyed last night with Palmer at the hospital and I stayed with the kids at the Gilliams. Everybody loves it at the Gilliams the trampoline, the four wheeler, the race car track, the woods, the Gilliams.  Thank you all for giving us free reign and a homestead while we are in Little Rock. Palmer could not have made this week in the hospital without the "Arizona Green Tea" thanks Jeff. The body of Christ is awesome and we anticipate each day in part because each day God does something so obvious and it is expressed through our christian brothers and sisters. Humble thanks to all who pray, who email, send cards and letters, have shared financially, who bring food, care for our children, run errands, render us services, share Palmer's bracelets. Thank you so much. We are so blessed and overwhelmed with the fellowship of love. Lori Ann and I sometimes look at each other tearfully and say to one another "it's every where" meaning we are overwhelmed with the goodness and mercy of God expressed through all of you.

Ephesians 4:4 There is one body and one Spirit–just as you were called to one hope when you were called.

Palmer started her day with rice crispies and a platelet transfusion. Yum - Yum! She did not run a fever in the night and they isolated the bacteria and have tuned in the antibiotics to focus on it. She slept a lot (good for the immune system). She perked a little around 1:30 when a friend brought us Larrys Pizza. Thank you. We moved to another room. The one we where in was very small and had no shower. It has very clean air though - it is one of the marrow transplant rooms when needed. Palmer was a whole new person when we moved over on the hall we have been on with a view of the state capital. We watched another girl named Abby on the hall have her "last treatment party" those are a big celebration around here. It also didn't hurt that we had another visitor arrive with a gift bag (thanks Bob) that just kept giving gifts. Well timed and thanks to Jim and everyone at Zimmer Wilkins Springfield for the gifts they made her day . Lori Ann is on her way over from Fort Smith with the kids. We will rendevous here at the hospital tonight then the kids and I will head to the Gilliams to spend the night friday and saturday then back to Fort Smith. Hopefully Palmer will be coming home first part of the week and stay at home a week before we come back for bone marrow aspirate, biopsy, chemo round 3. Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are so bouyed by the encouragement! Our God is an Awesome God! And I really love this very special gift he has given us named Palmer!


Palmer and I got some rest. I said we knew the groundrules before we left and that if Palmer ran a fever we had to come back to ACH. Knowing and doing are two different things however. It was very hard to return emotionally because Palmer and the rest of us are recharged by being together at home and that is more apparent now than ever before. We knew our timelines and commitment to treatment, we knew sometimes kids had to return for care. We hid in our hearts the hope that we could stay home healthy until her third round of chemo. Palmer did not run a fever last night, however in the early afternoon she pushed up to 102.4. She has to do 24hrs no fever and get negative cultures back before we can talk about an exit strategy. We are so blessed to be under the care of the doctors and staff of ACH we just really covet some together time at home before we go again for chemo round 3. We trust you o' God, your ways are not our ways, but our hope is in you. Blessed be the name of the Lord Most High! Thank you Lord for Palmer's precious life she has always belonged to you and we entrust her life to you.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13



3:45 am. Palmer has a fever of 104 and we are headed back to ACH. Please pray as we travel and arrive at ACH.

8:23 am. We are in the ER have had blood drawn waiting to be admitted headed back up to 3 Gold. We arrived here at 6:30. Palmers fever broke about 4:30 after I gave her tylenol which the doctor said to give then come straight to Little Rock. She slept most of the way here. Her fever has started up again while we have been here in the ER. We think we will be here for at least 48-72 hrs. Palmer did not want to leave her bed at home. We knew the ground rules before we came home last week. Let you know more later!

5:40 pm. We are settled up on 3 Gold. We got the only available room on the floor. I am so glad to be here with Palmer serving her. It gives me Joy! It has been a hard day on Palmer. She had a fever of about 104.3 when we came up to the floor they started antibiotic right away and she began to shiver involuntarily and her heartrate was 150-160 beats per minute. She apparently was having a bacterial septic shock response(My opinion not necessarily her doctors). When the first dose of antibiotic hits the bacteria in the bloodstream a battle begins and as the bacteria are killed it creates toxicity in the bloodstream at the same time it is doing good. It makes you sicker for a time to make you better. It is not fun to watch your little girl struggle to breathe and see her in distress. She also had zero platelets and had to have a platelet transfusion. She began to feel better as all her meds and platelets where on board. She has not run a fever since and ate a bagel this afternoon. She is feeling much better! She just asked me to go find her a snack. Thank you Lord! Thank you for your prayers everyone!

We are surrounded by others with needs as you pray for Palmer pray also for Will (Dad) & Kayla, Breanne,Alex, Randie,Colton & Dakota. Several of the very special kids from 3 Gold at ACH.



Sorry to be slow updating. We have begun to pick up the pace at home. Nothing like our normal non-stop schedule however. Palmer is feeling OK. She is very weak. Lori Ann looked over her labs and predicted that Palmer will probably need to have a platelet transfusion tomorrow. We will have her blood work-up by early afternoon to confirm. Lori Ann is such a student of Palmers care and condition. She has a mothers intuition (or rather the Holy Sprits revealing). She is an incredible blessing to all of us and especially Palmer right now. Please pray that Palmer will not get infected right now. She is totally bottomed out no white blood cells. Pray that she will rebound strongly and quickly. Thank you all and Praise our Awesome God.

                                                                        Isaiah 30:21 -- Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind
                                                                                                     you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."


What a blessing to have Palmer at home. She and Lori Ann arrived about 7:30 Thursday night. She was tired as she had just completed her chemo and also got two units of blood before she left the hospital. She just wanted  to go to bed when she hit the door. We are blessed to have access to the care Palmer will need while we are home. We have friends in home health, and our family practice doctor and his nurse and lab will be doing all her follow-up while she is home. Palmer had blood lab work done and she is already neutropenic. Which means she has no white blood cell production of her own and is most susceptible to infection. She did not feel good on Friday and she got started on antibiotics, we think she has some kind of intestinal infection. This same thing happened at the end of chemo round 1. Chemo kills the good cells in your intestine as one of its not good side effects. Friday, Palmer was more perky and I have been trying to find something with protein and calories that she will eat. Palmer was thin and fit to start with but has lost almost 20 pounds. As a daddy I am thankful for the chemotherapy's effect on the cancer, however I am concerned for Palmer's health and well being as she endures this treatment regimen. Please pray specifically for her protection against infection, that she will eat and gain weight, and that her emotional and spiritual tank will be full to overflowing. Again we humbly thank you all. We are overwhelmed with your love, support, and kindness. Pray Hard!





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