June, 2005


Palmer's counts, her ANC, or her marrow production of white blood cells has not increased. We are wondering now if she will make her next chemo schedule. She should have started the 29th and we where now shooting for the 6th. Now we don't think that will happen, truth is there is so much we don't know. We did not know that Palmer's counts would be this slow to come back, and we don't know how much longer it could be. We don't know if her protocol or the effectiveness of her high dose concentrated chemotherapy treatment are hampered by a delayed treatment schedule. Today was a day where all the unknowns seemed to bottleneck together in the funnel. We are thankful that Palmer is not fighting an infection and we are thankful she is at home and we are all together.

This I know that my God is faithful and that his plans cannot fail. A friend recommended a book recently by Thomas Watson written in 1663 called "All Things for Good". Chapter 1 "The Best Things Work for Good to the Godly" Chapter 2 "The Worst Things Work for Good to the Godly" Amen & Amen!!!        2 Cor. 12:9 "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.


All is well today. Did not get blood work today, will in the am. Palmer is feeling good just working on cooking up some white blood cells. She went to the pool and watched Sutton's swim lesson, and played outside some, had hoped to shanghai the ice cream man again but they never showed. We hit near 100'F today, summer is here. We will give you update tomorrow. Thank you each and all! The Richardson 6


Hi Guys. We started our day at Dr. Callaways' office for blood draw and a CBC. And yes Palmer's platelets where 12, so off we went to outpatient at St. Edwards for platelets. They are getting used to seeing us and we check in and get a treatment room quickly since Palmer is neutropenic. Palmer did great after her pre-medication of Benadryl, Tylenol, and Hydrocortisone. She slept while getting her platelets. She and I headed out afterwards and had a late lunch together. We had our last regular season baseball games tonight for Baker & Sutton, both their teams are the regular season champions already, Baker's team is 19-1 and Sutton's team 19-0. Bakers team had not lost a regular season or post season game in over 2 years until this season. I believe they where 49-0 before their loss this season. Way to go boys! It has been fun to watch both these left handers play. We are very proud of you guys. Also congratulations to Hayden she was 4th overall in her age group in the 100 backstroke at the recent Recordsetter swim meet. We are proud of all three of you. As I have said simple pleasures are special, last night we chased down the ice cream truck for treats and giggled the whole time. Life is Good! Thank you God!

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Palmer has had a good day. Lots of sofa time, sleeping and talking on the phone to friends. She helped make dinner and just chilled some more on the sofa. Lori Ann has been taking Palmer's order for dinners, she really wants home cooked meals. Tonight was steak, baked potatoes, and salad, it was wonderful. Palmer's counts are still bottomed out her ANC today was 7.5 and needs to be at 500 to be out of the high risk zone, and at a 1000 to begin her next round of chemo. Her platelets where 22 today, so we will probably make a trip to the hospital here in Fort Smith tomorrow and get another platelet transfusion. I have lost count of how many units of blood and platelets she has had since February. It is such a blessing to have her home, and to all be home together. Humble thanks to all of you for your prayers, love, and support. Our God is an  Awesome God and we Hope in Him. Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer

Palmer has enjoyed being home and hanging out at the house, no fevers. It looks like she will start her next chemo treatment on July 6th, a week later than she was scheduled for. Her counts are still near non-existent, we will get a CBC tomorrow so we will will know more then. Brooke came over and spent the night with the kids and Lori Ann and I escaped together and spent a night out - together.(Thanks Brooke) It was a great break and we covered a lot of conversation and some future planning. It was a real blessing to be together and just look each other in the eye. We are back home rested and recharged. As I have said before our long term planning is about 3 days and always subject to change. Baker & Sutton had a great time hanging out with Will & Walter (Thanks John & Jennifer) Every day our God provides in very obvious and tangible ways - Thank you Lord and thank you family in the body of Christ. Blessings and Thanks to all who lift up Palmer and our family to our heavenly Father! Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.



10:30pm We are home!! Palmer and I left ACH early evening and drove to Ft.Smith. Before we left ACH Palmer recieved 1 unit of platelets and 2 units of blood which made her feel some what better. We look forward to her counts coming up this next week. Palmer is still neutropenic and we have to be careful as she recovers in the next few days. We will update as her progress changes. Thank you to all who pray for Palmer and our family.

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Lori Ann


Palmer is having a good day. Her counts did'nt move much over night, the doctor said he might kick us out on Fri. if nothing changes. She would go home neutropenic and wait for her counts to continue to go up. We would have to come back only if she spiked a fever. She would love to be home for a few days before she has to start her next Chemo. treatment. Continue to bring her before the Lord, we are trusting in HIM for her care. Thank you for all you do for our family and Palmer.

Lori Ann


Palmer has rested most of the day. Her CBC showed no change in her ANC, no movement. She was disappointed this morning that there was no change. We are going to hang out here a few more days until we have some movement in her counts. Thank you for your prayers and emails for Palmer, they are so encouaging to her. Will update more tomorrow morning as soon as I have her new counts for the day.

Lori Ann

10:15pm Palmer had a good day. Quite and restful for her. A few visitors and playing games with some friends. Her ANC moved a little bit, Dr. Stine said "we are heading in the right direction".  We are thankful, we just wanted a BIG jump in the numbers!! Tonight as we prayed together Palmer said "she was going to cook up some more white blood cells while she slept". We are ready!! Please pray for continued recovery and strength for Palmer. Also for Scott and the kids in Ft. Smith, it's hard to keep two households running smoothly with Mom, Dad and kids in different places. Thank you for bringing our family before the Lord each day.  We are Blessed. Update more tomorrow, good night.
Lori Ann


9:50pm Palmer is still at ACH, could be for the rest of the week, her marrow very slow to rebound. No counts!  She is ready to come home, we are ready to have she and Lori Ann home. Hope you will see more here from Lori Ann soon. Thank you all.

11:45pm Palmer and I had a great day even though her counts did not move any.One of Palmers friends from the Hem/Oc floor is Breanne, she was here today for a clinic visit. She came by to see Palmer and I took some cute pictures of them together. Around lunch Breanne's dad(Bob Daws) brought Palmer and I pizza from one of her favorite places, thank you we enjoyed the pizza! Becky and Zach Ramsey came by to see Palmer and it was incredible to see Zach and how great he looks, hair and beard, wow!! They are here for the next week or so for Zach to have radiation treatments and get ready for his stem cell transplant down the road. What a blessing there family has been and it was special to get to visit for a while. Mark(my brother) Shelli, Cole, Chase, Carson and Madison were driving back to their home in Houston and came for a visit to ACH to see Palmer today! It was fun to have her cousins here and see them, Madison wanted to be up on Palmers bed with her and color. She drew Palmer a rainbow with her name on it. We love it!! Thanks Meador gang for coming and making our day! Palmer ate dinner from Chilis tonight and made a special sign for her door, she said she wanted to make something since she is going to be here a while. Thank You to each person praying for Palmer, it blesses us each day and we are so thankful to all who continue to serve our family during this journey.   

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Lori Ann

10:00p.m. Palmer is heading to sleep for the night. She has had a restful day,sleeping,watching a movie, and visiting with a few friends. We were hoping for her ANC to jump but she just moved a little. We will visit with Dr.Stine tomorrow and see what the rest of the week holds. Palmer is ready to go home asap even though she is still neutropenic. Scott and the kids have been busy with the Recordsetter Swim meet over the weekend and I am praying that they have a great week even if we are not with them.  Thank you to all who helped our family over the weekend,caring for the kids and sharing Palmers story with others at the swim meet. Thanks. I continue to bring Palmer before the Lord for healing and peace for each day, she is such a blessing to me as I watch her fight and walk this journey with such trust, grace, and faith. She is a great example to me. Keep the Faith! Keep Praying for Palmer!!
Lori Ann

10:00pm Palmer has not run another fever today, Praise God. Her counts improved ever slightly. Palmer and Lori Ann are enjoying their time together, weekends are real quiet around ACH. The rest of us have been at a swim meet all day, the Fort Smith Recordsetter, both Hayden and Baker swam this morning and in the finals tonight. We are all bushed from being out on the pool deck all day. Palmer got some mail today,  I had to ask her if I could open it. It was from the White House, and it is a personal letter from President Bush to Palmer. How cool is that? Thank you to whomever made that happen. I will get it up on her website soon. I hope Lori Ann will update some either tonight or in the morning. Her perspective is always insightful and wise. I am blessed that she is my wife and our children are blessed that she is their mother. She serves us all sacrificially! Thank you Lori Ann for your strength, integrity, and love you are amazing!


9:30pm We where hoping for an increase in Palmer's ANC this morning, but it actually declined. Her marrow is still not rebounding yet. We had secretly hoped it would be up because she had not a fever in over 24hrs(the magic number). Her primary oncologist, Dr. Kimo Stine said it could be up to 5 more days, but that she could prove him wrong. About an hour ago another fever, looks like this is not Dr. Stine's first rodeo, we knew that he had a great professional reputation when we started treatment. Thanks for the care Dr. Stine. We learn something new every day. Lori Ann and I passed each other on the interstate this afternoon and she now has charge of Palmer and I have charge of Hayden, Baker, and Sutton. Every day is precious, Love on your families, don't hold a grudge, don't let bitterness and strife have safe harbor in your home or relationships. Be quick to forgive even when wronged. Let no strongholds have refuge. Blessings and Thanks. Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

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9:20am Palmer still asleep ran fever in night, getting broad antibiotic coverage, will talk to her doctor later this am. Platelet count was 14, she will start platelet transfusion about 9:30. Will update later in day. Isaiah 43:1b  Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
3:50pm Palmer is feeling better today. Nothing in cultures, no fever since 4:00am, primary complaint throat pain. We believe it to be Mucositis, common after high dose chemotherapy, sores or ulcers in the throat and esophagus. Improves as her WBC counts start to improve, for more info http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/supportivecare/oralcomplications/HealthProfessional/page5. We will be waiting it out, does not look like we will be headed home friday. Lori Ann and I will exchange tomorrow, probably waving to each other on the interstate as we pass. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement!



1:15am Palmer is in a room on 3Gold. Everyone here loves her and serves her when she is here. All the nurses are disappointed when I am here and not Lori Ann. What am I chopped liver ;-)  Praise God - Palmer breezed through the antibiotic. No lysis reaction - Amen! Update more later today. Thank you all for praying.

7:35am Palmer slept well and still ran a fever once in the night, we are waiting for blood cultures to come back to see if she is positive for infection. We are always disappointed when we end up back down here between treatments but thankful for the great care at ACH. Palmer had been hoping while we where home in Fort Smith that she might get to meet Ty Pennington and crew of Extreme Makeover - Home Edition. They are about 15 minutes from our house building someone a new home this week. We had friends who had gotten Palmers name to one of the organizers of the project. We also sent some of Palmer's bracelets out to the job site when they did the demolition. Maybe she will be home on friday!

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7:25pm Lots of sleeping today. Very sore throat nothing growing in cultures yet, minor fever, little to eat or drink. Will advise tomorrow if we know more. Thank you praying and encouraging Palmer by leaving messages anytime in her guestbook.




8:20pm We are in the ER at Arkansas Childrens Hospital (ACH). Palmer spiked a fever about 4:30pm, she has been complaining of her throat hurting since Sunday night. We have not started any treatment yet just stood in the triage line and are waiting in a little staging/observation room. Please pray that Palmer will have no problem with the antibiotic treatment tonight. The last time we came through the ER she spent a night in ICU. Lord Jesus I ask you to protect Palmer from any reaction and that she will breeze through anything that begins tonight. We love you and trust you with all of our life. Protect Palmer my Lord. We choose to listen to the voice of truth! Amen. Please Pray for Palmer!

10:35 Palmer just started her antibiotics. We will be in the ER for a couple of hours while she gets antibiotics. Thank you for praying. 

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice. (Amplified Bible)



Palmer had a good weekend. A good deal of reclining around the house and just hanging. We all enjoyed some down time. Lori Ann and I actually got to sit down together and talk, it was so needed. She says we need to do lots more talking. Wonder what she means by that?? HaHa. This morning Palmer began with a CBC and her platelets where a whopping 9. So Lori Ann and Palmer headed to St. Edwards for a platelet transfusion. Palmer did well and is already back home. Hayden has been babysitting the boys this afternoon after they attended a baseball camp this morning. Palmer's ANC is bottomed out she is at 0. No white blood cells- no immune system - danger zone. Please continue to honor us with your prayers. Each day has constraints and challenges of it's own. It is hard on each family member in different ways. We can't make a lot of plans, as we take each day as it comes. I told someone recently long term planning for us now is about 3 days, sometimes only 1. Humble Thanks.

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." -- Romans 12:12

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It has been great to be home. Palmer has done well since being home. She is neutropenic (http://www.neutropenia.ca/about/chemotherapy.html) very quickly this round as her marrow production bottoms out quicker each subsequent round of chemotherapy. We anticipate that she will need a platelet transfusion by Monday. We hope to do that here in Fort Smith. She is now in the danger zone for infection so we humbly request your prayers that she not be infected and not run a fever. Thank you all for your amazing support and love.

Praise and Prayers also for Zach, Dakota, Keena, Taylor whom we have mentioned in earlier posts. You can keep up with them at www.caringbridge.org/ar/zachramsey , www.caringbridge.org/ar/keepthefaith , www.prayforkeena.com , and www.caringbridge.org/ar/taylor   



Palmer and I made it home safely tonight. We had planned to finish up about 1:00pm we actually left at about 5:30. Palmer's ultrasound came back negative. Which we where thankful for, no compromise of any of her internal organs. She had her last chemo drug for this treatment - it was the mylortarg which is the experimental drug that is new to her treatment regimen and the basis for her treatment protocol. They monitored her vitals while she received it. We also got a CBC before we left and her hemoglobin was 7.4 so we then had to wait and get 2 units of blood before we left for home, thus our later departure. Palmer is feeling "pretty good" in her terms (even when she is really not).  Pretty good is what we all smile and say when asked. Truth is, it is never "pretty good". It is stressful, challenging, and surreal each day. Every aspect of our lives and planning is affected both small and large.

However we place our Hope in the Lord. So ironic to be so tired and weary mentally and physically, yet so blessed, renewed and assured in our spirits. We have as an example so many of great faith that have encouraged us and have walked ahead of us in trusting the Lord deeply. I am ever encouraged and awed by the faith of Abraham in Genesis 22. Give us all that Faith Lord!

This will be our last night at ACH if all goes as planned. Lori Ann, Hayden, Baker & Sutton headed home yesterday. I have the privilege of staying on and bringing Palmer home after her treatment. Last night was the best night Palmer has had the last 4 nights. Her antibiotic for the C. Diff. symptoms made a big impact and really eased the diarrhea.  We are going to have a ultrasound in the morning to better quantify the abdominal pain Palmer has continued to have. Her last chemo drug is in the morning then we will medicate Palmer for the ride home and head out, at least that is the plan tonight. We had special guests last night who brought us Pray for Palmer bumper stickers - How cool is that? Thank you Marc and Rick! Thank you all for your generous prayers, support, love and service to our family. I keep telling Palmer how awesome it is to be a part of the body of Christ.


Palmer had another rough night. This is the toughest round of chemo treatment thus far. She ran a fever of 105.1 again and also was throwing up combined with diarrhea. Her fever broke about 1:30am but required a lot of care through the night. Lori Ann was such a servant to Palmer throughout the night. We are questioning this morning and have taken cultures for C. Diff an intestinal infection (http://www.ehs.wustl.edu/Clinical/factsheets/cdiff.pdf). Palmer last dose (yeah) of ARA-C is later this morning, she started a new (never had) chemo drug last night called Mitoxantrone which will continue through day 6 then her last treatment on day 7 is the drug gemtuzumab ozogamicin (Mylotarg®).

Thank you David & Vanessa for taking over the care of our other children when we are all in Little Rock, you guys are a GREAT "Mom & Dad"  - the kids never want to leave. Thank you Cameron & Whitney for sharing your lives, home, and Mom & Dad. We are so blessed to be served and loved by so many. We are humbled and thankful. Love on your families - each day is very precious.

2:15pm Palmer is sleeping and has just finished her last ARA-C. She has also started antibiotics for C. Diff. Palmer has anti-nausea meds and others going. Got to add a funny moment - I had the TV on while she is sleeping and a Hair Club for Men commercial came on and said "If you have a hair loss problem call" Palmer rolled over and smiled a funny smile and said "I used to have a hair loss problem" and rolled back over sound asleep. Lori ann and I laughed hard. Priceless! Thanks for Praying!



Fever finally broke about 1:30am only after giving ibuprofen, which they don't like to give because it eats up platelets while running fever. That said, she is now apparently in the same cycle after receiving ARA-C, the primary chemo drug she is getting. One of the side effects is fever, but she has never run one during chemo, only when infected. She is feeling nausea and fever has been as high as 105.3 this morning. Lori Ann is at Palmer's side now. Please pray for Palmer!

Lord Jesus rebuke the fever and leukemia in Palmer's body, our Hope is in you! We will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth  - Thank you Father - Amen.



8:30 pm  Have not had a lot to tell you about. Palmer has finished her 4th chemo of 14, this hospital stay and treatment schedule. She has been tired and resting lots. Tonight she was cold and I covered her with lots of blankets. She woke and her cheeks where red and she was very hot and feeling some nausea, she had a temp of 104. The chemo drug she is getting can cause fever and nausea. She has tylenol and phenagrin on board and is resting now. They have taken blood cultures to rule out any type of new infection. Thank you for taking Palmer before the throne of our Father! Please continue to Pray for Palmer! 

Lori Ann and the kids are coming into Little Rock tonight. Palmer will be glad to see them especially her Mom. She and her Mom are really close and that blesses me as a husband and father. Every day God imparts grace for that day. Our God is an Awesome God. Daniel 9:4 "I prayed to the LORD my God and confessed: "O Lord, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with all who love him and obey his commands"



11:50pm Palmer is back at ACH. Had a clinic appointment then spinal tap and injected chemo into her spinal fluid. We got a 4 hour pass and headed out for dinner at Macaroni Grill joined by the Gilliams, they have been a lifeline for us here in Little Rock. Thank you guys. We then hit Target and returned a little tardy to the hospital. Had to wait for pharmacy to get her chemo cocktail ready so it is kind of late. Will update more tomorrow. Blessings to you each one.

Palmer and I have decided that the group "Casting Crowns" and their song "Voice of Truth" is our song for this season. It is resonant if you have never heard it.

But the voice of truth tells me a different story
The voice of truth says, "Do not be afraid!"
The voice of truth says, "This is for My glory"
Out of all the voices calling out to me
I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth

Lyrics by Mark Hall and Steven Curtis Chapman






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