June, 2007

ACH Visit
Palmer had follow-up clinic visit and echo-cardiogram today. Everything looks good. We are so thankful. Palmer did interview with Little Rock news station you can see by copying and pasting this link http://www.todaysthv.com/news/news.aspx?storyid=47311 . We are so thankful for Palmer's health and our hearts ache for those who are still battling. Please keep up with Chase and all the other kids at www.PrayforChase.com - Our God is Awesome -The Richardson 6

Sorry it has been a while since last update. Palmer was chosen by some of her doctors to represent Arkansas Childrens Hospital at the CureSearch.org event "Reach the Day: Conquer Childhood Cancer" in Washington DC June 25th-26th. There is a bill being considered by congress to fund 150 Million dollars in pediatric cancer research. Palmer is going to advocate for that funding as an ambassador of ACH and kids with cancer throughout Arkansas. Lori Ann and I will be traveling with her and are thrilled to participate. Palmer has a follow-up visit tomorrow - blood work and an echo-cardiogram. She may also participate in an interview for the DC event. We are so blessed and thankful Palmer is doing well. Our hearts grieve with another family who was treated at the same time Palmer was. Their son John-John was about 20mths old when diagnosed with AML. John-John battled through treatment then relapsed, had bone marrow transplant and was clear for a short time and relapsed again. His Mom & dad fought for every treatment option and headed to Minnesota for another type of transplant about 5 weeks ago. John-John fought the last 5 weeks so many complications. John-John ended his fight in this life June 8th, 2007. Please pray for the Prado family whenever you read this www.prayforjohnjohn.com. Taylor had transplant recently and is in San Antonio - keep up with him at prayfortaylor.com Thanks for checking in on Palmer.





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