September, 2005


        Good morning. Doing that 4:00 am thing again. Palmer seems to be feeling pretty good and is moving toward normal activities. We will have two teenagers in the house very soon. Hayden will be 15 and Palmer 13 in the next week. Can't imagine where those years went. I guess we all feel that way as we watch our children grow up. I have to share another thought about Palmer's last ACH visit a week ago. It was so different than any of our other visits. I don't know exactly how to describe it - for starters it was the first time we have had bone marrow done and then not gone directly  to 3 Gold to begin treatment. Everyone was so upbeat and jovial it was kind of surreal. We said hello to the nurses on Gold but then we headed for the front door feeling like we weren't sure where we where going. It was all very peaceful and relaxed. We even looked at Palmer's slides of her bone marrow. So different than we had become conditioned to. It was and is Awesome in the truest sense of how Awesome our God is and how great his love for us is. When I think about Palmer's path of suffering and I reflect as a parent I am always drawn to how great our Father's love for us is that he watched his only child, his Son suffer so that we would never be seperated from Him by sin and death. He knows the wounded heart of a parent as he lost his only Son - his Son who was without sin. He knows the heart of suffering, he has overcome and heals. Praise Him!!



     Palmer is feeling pretty good. She has had trouble with headaches since all the spinal stuff on Wednesday. Today seems to be less frequent and intense. We talked with hematology folks on Friday and they indicated this was very common after the procedure she had Wednesday. A couple of things I have not shared - as we pulled into Little Rock Wednesday early morning stuck in traffic crossing the river in to town next to us was a mini-van with a bumper sticker on it that said "Pray for Palmer". It was unbelieveable that in that sea of cars headed in Little Rock as we where headed to ACH for Palmers first follow-up examination that we would see this simple "sign" and we laughed and smiled and praised God quietly for it. It was a "sign" of what we would experience the rest of the day as we got results that Palmer's marrow was clear. Tell you more later. Our God is Awesome!




       3:00pm Palmer has had her bone marrow aspirate, spinal fluid draw, bone marrow biopsy and CT scan. All indications are that her marrow is clear and Palmer remains in remission. Praise our God! Her lungs still show an active fungal infection, she will continue for at least another month on high powered meds to fight the fungus. We are waiting at the moment to talk with her doctor. We will let you know more when we get home tonight. We thank the Lord for his great favor and protection. He is Awesome!

        8:00pm Home safely. Please continue to pray for Palmer as she fights this infection and that her leukemia will be gone forever. We will stay in touch!

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     Palmer, Hayden and I had a wonderful weekend at the father/daughter retreat. We enjoyed the down time together and made new friends. The weather was great. We had fun doing riflery, high ropes, devotional and singing, and square-dancing (it was not pretty). Palmer is feeling good and even went to ballet class last night. That makes me so happy. Tomorrow Palmer has appointments at ACH. She will be doing bone marrow aspirate and biopsy taken from her pelvis and she will have a CT scan of her lungs to see how the fungal infection looks. We are enjoying time at home. However we have also hit the ground running full time with everyone's activities and schedules. We look forward to some vacation time all together sometime this fall. Thanks for your continued love, prayers and encouragement. The Richardson 6



      Palmer's counts where good again today. She is starting to make her own platelets. We are thankful! She has been tired today, a little apprehensive about our foray to New Life Ranch for retreat. Still a little tenative of major undertakings. We are going to enjoy some down time together Daughters & Dad. Have a wonderful weekend - enjoy your families. The Richardson 6

Another friend who just finished treatment of Ewings Sarcoma and who is overcoming chemo and major bone repacement surgery this year. Please pray for Alex. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/alexshelton



      Hello all. Sorry to be so infrequent on the web posting but we are back to being busy as a team, and our lives are not near as interesting as you might think. Palmer is feeling good, she is even getting some of her humor back, arguing with her sister, disappearing when it's time to do the dishes etc.. She really is feeling good, still gets tired and has to take a break. We did labs yesterday and her counts jumped big and her platelets and hemoglobin moved up on their own. Praise Our God! We will lab again tomorrow but we are expecting even bigger numbers. Palmer, Hayden and I (dad) are headed to New Life Ranch for our annual father/daughter retreat. This one will be very special! Thank you for your love and continued prayers as we continue to trust our Lord for Palmer's complete and total healing. The Richardson 6

P.S. If some of you guys have emailed me or sent a note wanting bracelets and I have not sent them please email me again scott@palmerrichardson.com



     Hello all. Palmer is enjoying pretty much normal days. She is in school on Tuesday and Thursdays and schooling at home the other three days. She is slowly ramping back up to our normal busy pace. Palmer has an appointment at ACH next Wednesday she will have another bone marrow aspirate and biopsy and another CT scan of her lungs to see how her lungs are looking. Palmer 's blood counts have decreased some, but still are good. Thank you all for your love and prayer's. Our God is Awesome. See you soon. The Richardson 6



       Another good day, not a lot to tell. Do look at new pictures- http://www.palmerrichardson.com/pictures/gallery.php?cat=8, they are under pictures in gallery marked August. Also if you have not seen Palmer's interview then look here   www.palmerrichardson.com/video  (tip-the smaller the picture the clearer the video)  Don't forget Palmer"s Guestbook




     Palmer had a good day today. Her counts continue to climb, she goes strong until she hits her wall and is tired and rests. She made it all the way through her school day, and even watched some of her brothers ballgame tonight. We are trying to adjust to this new phase, end of treatment, maintenance mode, transition to "normal life". In some ways the transition is as hard or harder than the last 7 months. The last 7 months have been like responding to the crisis, tackling the tasks each day dictated by the immediate and pressing needs, you do what's required. Now the prospect of transitioning back toward "normalcy" is the stressful event. Kind of unexpected! Thank you to all our brothers & Sisters in Christ for your incredible encouragement and generosity. Thank you above all for honoring us with your prayers to our Awesome God and Father, and his Son Jesus, through His Holy Spirit. Despite the challenges of strength, emotion, and spirit we trust HIM. Romans 8:25-27 But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will.

"Normal Day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it will not always be so." Mary Irion


       4:00am Sorry for the break updating. Palmer has had a good weekend. She is feeling OK. We will get more labwork this morning and I am betting she will need platelets. We just hung out over the holiday, we are trying to re-adjust to life at home.  We have not unpacked our suitcases yet, we have had them packed for 6 months now - ready to go at a moments notice. Today is Baker's 9th birthday and we start schooling for Palmer, Baker & Sutton. Palmer will probably start a little later unless her counts are real big today. Lori Ann has been Palmer's nurse giving her meds, flushing her central line and giving her neupogen shot daily. Once again we humbly thank all of you who have so generously honored us with prayer and encouragement. We are forever changed by the goodness of the body of Christ.

      3:00pm Palmer WBC counts where up BIG - that's good so she can continue to fight the fungal-aspergillus infection she still has with her. She did need both platelets and blood as we anticipated. We where at our local hospital from 3:30pm until 11:30pm to accomplish this. We have had some great experiences/service there before, this was not one of them. I joke that when we are all the way through this journey I am going to become a health care consultant - there are definetely some service delivery/quality/performance gaps that could be alleviated. The care providers are generally always great, the delivery system is often lacking. I will save that discussion for another time ;-). Palmer rested a good bit while getting blood products, Lori Ann did not, we postponed Baker's birthday celebration until tomorrow. Again we are learning to take one day at a time. Strength & Honor - The Richardson 6


         Hey all. Palmer had a great day today. Began with bloodwork came back that her counts have doubled since yesterday. Yea God! She grilled vegtables on the grill for lunch, yummy! Dad had to work the phones and insurer to get her meds which all had to have prior approval and lots of doctors orders and stuff. Finally got her medicines this afternoon. I wanted to buy her meds, not the drug store ;-) This evening Palmer even got in the pool for the first time this year. She did not get her central line wet and it warmed my heart to see her smile and she had that twinkle in her eye like she wanted so bad to go under water. Thanks J&J for the use of your pool - look out Palmer will be back. We can't seem to stop grinning and sighing, don't know what that means. Thanks for loving us. My sources tell me www.PrayforTaylor.com came off the vent and hit 3Gold today . Praise God!


       4:15am I know some of you check this early so I try to get some news to you. Palmer's nurse just came through and took vitals. Fever free - yeah. Palmer and I usually visit briefly at this time then back to sleep. We hope to have more definitive news on an exit strategy later today when we see her doctors. Please www.PrayforTaylor.com he is still on a ventilator in PICU and still spiking fevers. Cheryl and Tony are exhausted, things change so quickly and it is so overwhelming. Pray for Taylor's rapid exit from PICU and for rest and comfort for his parents. Zach Ramsey dropped by to see Palmer, he has been where Taylor is but now is home and healing. www.prayforzach.com

     8:40pm Palmer is home. Yes you heard right Palmer is in the house. All the Richardson 6 are under one roof. Palmer got the go ahead from her doctors after she got platelets and we promised we would make sure she got her medicine for the fungal infection and that Lori Ann would give her daily neupogen shots to get her counts up. Palmer was 24 days in the hospital but who is counting. We are so thankful to be home, it is a challenge for Palmer because she does not want to get sick again. This first night will be the transition time. So many emotions after most of the year spent taking it one day at a time. We plan to keep that perspective! Thank you all for your love, prayers, generosity and encouragement. Our God is Awesome!







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