October, 2006

All is Excellent
We are so blessed Palmer is now scheduled for follow-up every 4 months. Palmer is doing great and has resumed life as it was pre-AML. It has been 6 months since I have updated - I know shame on me. It has been a great 6 months in all the ways that matter most. Still many are in the fight you can check on them through Chase Wellenberger's site.www.PrayforChase.com Chase is himself still in the battle and he has links to all our other friends. It seems like a lifetime ago that Palmer was diagnosed and began treatment. We talk of it sometimes and often we do not. Little things take us back to the wonderful kids and families we met, and the staff and nurses at ACH. We strive not to take things for granted or to become too encumbered of life's challenges. I often smile and do mental kodak moments when we are together. Love on your children and each other - as the T-Shirt says "Life Is Good". Praise God through Him it is so. We will say Hi again soon. Thank you for your love, prayers, genorosity and kindness. The Richardson 6





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