Pray For Palmer Bracelets

They are literally all over the United States and who knows where else. So many people have said they are so cool because every time they look down at them they are reminded to Pray for Palmer. The other neat thing is that people ask about them and it is a great opportunity to share not only the hope that Palmer has in the Lord but also your own hope and how we all completely trust and are confidently expectant by faith offering prayer to our Father in heaven on Palmer's behalf. Thank You! Our God is Awesome!

Palmer's original bracelets were green. We have a new batch of blue and purple ones coming next week. If you would like some for your family, church, school, or youth group please email to We have been asking for a $2.00 donation. We would be glad to send as many as you would like and you can deposit the proceeds collected at any Regions Bank (account # 8005651042) or mail to 3501 Old Greenwood Rd, Suite 2; Fort Smith, AR 72903. The most important thing is to get the message out to Pray for Palmer.

Please tell people this is her website address also
All they need to do is all the .com to her bracelet and it will go to her site.




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