Palmers Prayer Pager

I first heard of this from a brother named Jerry kline at his website I thought it was a great idea and looked into a pager with a regional pager company. They were very generous in providing Palmer with an 800# pager (800-264-2535 ext.PRAY). The next day after arriving back at Arkansas Childrens Hospital an anonymous donor had FedEx'd a local number pager 784-PRAY(7729). It was really funny how nobody in the hospital wanted to handle the package because it was already vibrating. What a blessing and isn't God's timing always amazing. Thank you to the unknown donor and to Tele-Touch. Please page and leave your zip code when it asks for a phone number.

If you know of a child in the southwest region who has a serious illness and that would benefit from being buzzed or beeped with a pager when people are praying for them please contact Palmer and Scott. We would both like to make a pager available to them if we can make it happen in their pager area. We would also like to find a small quantity source for the silicone bracelets like Palmer's for other kids with cancer. Watch for us at as these ideas begin to take shape.





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