October, 2005


        We are headed to ACH for check-up and CT scan this morning. Noticed the guestbook is not working if you have tried to leave message. You guys have got to email me if you see something amiss :-) We are excited about our visit today and will report later today. Please pray that Palmer's lungs will be totally clear of the fungal infection. The Richardson 6

       11:00 pm  Back from Little Rock. We had a wonderful day celebrating Palmer's last treatment. All Palmer's lab results where great. The CT scan of her lungs showed the lesion area in both lungs was smaller. Her doctors want to take her off her anti-fungal big gun meds and let her own immune system continue the fight. Praise God! We will return in 5 weeks for another check-up, CT scan and talk about when to remove her central line. Our day was amazing and all the Richardson 6 where together and in attendance, it was a milestone moment. Everyday is, we just lose sight of it so easily and get ambushed by the day to day struggles. Blessings to you each and thank you for praying us through the journey. ( I will tell you more about today later)



      Sorry for the long pause since updating. We have been enjoying life together and have re-engaged the pace with everyone's activities and schedules. Palmer is doing great and we are so thankful. Many of our friends are still in the thick of the battle and our hearts ache for them. We lift them in prayer and ask you to do the same. By far the best source for specifics and links to each of their websites is at www.PrayforChase.com. Chase's Mom Carrie is such great encouragement to so many others in the battle. She is also a conduit of communication linking to some of the very special kids fighting childhood cancer at ACH. Thanks Carrie - we check on Chase's site often and are praying for you guys.

Wednesday we are headed back to ACH for a check-up for Palmer. We also hope to do an end of treatment party on 3 Gold if we can get all the details worked out. Look out you guys at ACH. We can never personally thank all of you have so generously served us this year, we where totally overwhelmed at the love and generosity of support and intercession. We appraoch each new day with thankfullness and trust for the future, to our God and King! Praise be to Him! Galatians 6:2 Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.



       Palmer had a wonderful 13th birthday. Palmer, Lori Ann and I spent two nights with just Palmer at a hotel in Frisco, Texas. We shopped on Saturday, mostly ogling at Williams Sonoma, cruising Sam Moon and enjoying a leisurely morning at the hotel. The highlight of the weekend was a very special experience at www.ferredallas.com. Palmer spent from 4:30 until after 6:00pm with renowned Chef Jeff Moschetti at Ferre' in uptown Dallas. I had talked with Jeff by phone and via email, he graciously offered to teach Palmer a few things and make a place for us for dinner on a very busy night for them. Jeff presented Palmer with a chefs jacket signed by all the team at the restaurant and a large chefs knife engraved with Ferre'. This all was a total surprise to Palmer and she was totally thrilled and impressed. Palmer got to participate in the kitchen, hang out with the staff while they tasted and prepared to serve a full house that night. I wish you could see her smile, it did not go away all night! (watch for pictures in the next few days)  Thank you to the staff of Ferre' who where all so gracious and kind. And to Chef Jeff who made a lifetime impact on someone very precious and special to Lori Ann and me, Palmer has not stopped talking about her time with Chef Jeff. Ferre' was recently awarded 4 star recognition and is opening another restaurant in Fort Worth. Our dinner was fantastic and the experience even greater. Thank you Chef Jeff your kindness was such a blessing. Thanks also to Michael and Omar. All ya'll in Texas need to drop in and tell Chef Jeff "that Palmer sent you".

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     Hi guys. Tomorrow is Palmer's birthday and she will be 13. Come to think of it she has been acting like a teenager this week. She has felt so much better since her blood patch on Monday. No more spinal headache. Lori Ann and I are getting away this weekend with just Palmer to a secret destination for fun and reflection and to make some special memories. Hayden, Baker & Sutton are staying with Uncle Doug & Aunt Kimberly. We are all excited! Our God continues to sustain us. Praise Him! He alone is Awesome!

Please pray for these kids. www.PrayforTaylor.com, www.PrayforSarah.com , www.PrayforElijah.com , www.PrayforChase.com , www.PrayforDakota.com , www.PrayforZach.com




      Hello all. Yesterday was Hayden's 15th birthday. We enjoyed her day all together. We are very proud of her and can't believe it has been 15 years since she was born. We all went out to lunch together after church with one hitch, Palmer did not last through lunch. Since her last procedure she has been struggling with headaches and feels much better lying than standing. We decided last night that today we would have to seek some relief for her. We called her doctor at ACH they said we could work on it here in Fort Smith if someone here wrote orders for her treatment or we could come through the emergency room at ACH and be admitted to the pain team. They would put Palmer on fluids and caffeine for 24hrs then evaluate her and probably do a blood patch. http://www.brain-spine.com/helpbook/blood_patch.html  We opted to have her treated here in Fort Smith with a blood patch. Thanks to Dr. Mike Callaway, Dr. Rick Nelson, and Dr. John Swicegood. We started making calls about 8:30 Palmer was in Dr. Swicegood's clinic by 10:00 and we where out of there by 12:30. Palmer sat up after this procedure and has not had a headache since. She even prepared dinner instead of laying on the sofa like she has been.  The thing we realize again and again is that we have today and we don't know what each new day holds - but we Know Him who holds the days and that he Holds Palmer. He holds her in his palm - palming her - Palmer! Thank you Lord that you make our paths straight - we Hope in you!





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